What are we offerring that your sharing accommodation does not offer?

One of the main problems with typical sharing accommodation is compromising privacy, safety and hygiene because of the number of people sharing a room (3-6 people).

Apart from this, there are no amenities like gym, recreational room etc are available for usage. You are supposed to arrange your bed, bedsheets, pillow, wardrobe, chair, toiletries etc. On top of that, you share bills for DEWA, Wi-Fi, cleaning etc. So what sounds affordable in the beginning is actually an illegal, expensive accommodation.

Life is easier in Resivation. We have designed our property to take away all the stress of living with roommates so you can enjoy the good parts. Our All inclusive bill provides you with –

Fully Furnished Accommodation (Equipped with bed, wardrobe, mattress, bed-sheet, comforter, pillow, bath-towels, shampoo, shower gel, soap, tissue papers, and much more.)

Smart TV

High speed Wi-Fi

Built in community (Gym, Yoga Room, Game Room, Sheesha Café, etc)

Room housekeeping service

Friendly service team

Easy ways to report issues